Other Control Services


We use special combination of insecticides on all the plants in the garden, including lawn to eradicate infestation of different insects like aphids, mealy bugs, jassids and worms. We undertake single treatment/quarterly/ or annual maintenance contract. We shall submit our proposal after inspection of your premises.


The spiders, which make the webbings are a problem1 in many factories which requires frequent cleaning. During our initial spraying we use a special insecticide formulation to eradicate the existing infestation. This is followed by one check-up/spraying after six months to maintain the premises free of spiders for one year.


The wood-borers (Lyctus Species) are found in timber yards and get themselves embedded in the timber and the whole life cycle is completed with the emergence of the adult bringing out fine dust like powder. The presence of any of these insects in the timber could result in the total destruction of the wooden material.

To control these pests, special chemical combination will be used, which will not only penetrate the tiny holes, but also make them resistant from attacks. After initial treatment one check up visit will be carried out after 15 days and during the contract period if any re-infestation noticed, it will be treated at no extra cost.

HOUSEHOLD DISINFESTATION SERVICE: (Spraying method and Gel treatment)

This treatment is effective against household pests like Cockroaches, Silverfish, Ants, etc. for houses, offices, hotels, hospitals and food handling establishments. Service can be carried out on single or annual maintenance contract basis.